Wednesday, May 25, 2005


No, sadly, not with school; with the big paperwork project. Whee! Hurrah!

Also, thank god Wednesday is over. I hate Wednesdays. Only because I fucking HATE Class B on Wednesdays; I have them sixth and seventh period and a good half the class act like monsters each and every time. I felt so bad for the handful of good kids. They just sat there with pained looks on their faces, like, "oh god, are we done with this yet? Why is she so out of control?" It was awful. I plan on doing a whole-class lunch detention tomorrow, save the handful of good kids, of course.

Class A was actually mostly good today. Those boys are mostly on my side, and so when I shoot them my Evil Teacher Look of Doom, they snap up straight, grab a pen, and go, "oh! I'm doing my work!"

Class C was okay too. Chatty, a bit flightly, but not bad or anything.

Ho hum, hurrah the big thing is finished. I should be studiously planning out some reading lessons, but...I just don't care that much. I figure I deserve a break. I worked hard at home the past three days, so now tonight I can just veg out. Right? Sure.

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