Sunday, May 29, 2005

Happy Memorial Day

I have just returned from my weekend mini-break to Chicago, where I visited with some family members on my dad's side.

It started Friday afternoon. I thought that leaving at 4pm would be just fine, that I would catch the 23 bus and get to LaGuardia between 4.45-5.15. We-ell. Not hardly. When I got up to the corner, there was a bus right then pulling up, which I thought was excellent news, considering I've stood there waiting for 15-40 minutes before. However, this particular bus only went part of the way to the airport, so I had to wait on the corner for at least 10 minutes. A bus showed up and made its way ACHINGLY slowly through Queens, finally getting to the outer entrance of LaGuardia at 5.00. I waited for the 48 bus for ten minutes; that one (IF it exists) drives around the airport. I was worried about the time, so I just walked over the bridge and down the way a bit, into the terminal .

I was on the standby list for the 6.05 flight. I got checked in easily and made it fairly swiftly through security, and to the gate. Sadly, there was no room for me on that plane.

I wasn't too bummed, because I was quite hungry (used to pigging out right after I get home from school around 4ish). So, with at least half an hour to kill, I leisurely made my way to the food court to grab a little something. No time for a real meal, and french fries sounded good. There was a deli/fast food stand thing, I ordered fries and some fruit and some lemonade. Had to wait over ten minutes for the damn fries--were they growing the freaking potatoes or something? Sheesh. I had to sit and scarf them down quickly and most unladylike-ly, getting ketchup all over my fingers.

I made it safely on the 7.05 flight, thank goodness. But, the last five or six of us that got on were dismayed, at the very least, to find that ALL of the overhead compartments were filled right up. They had to check our bags at the front door.

Finally I sat down. Which I kept doing for the next forty-five minutes, as first the plane sat at the gate, and then sat on the runway. Thank goodness I had a fairly long book to be engrossed in. Eventually we took off, the captain announcing that "we will probably land pretty much, close to our scheduled time," very reassuring, right? After awhile, I finished my book. The captain announced that because of something, we couldn't land right away. They were diverting us, but not really; just making us fly in a broader circle or something. We couldn't actually circle because there wasn't enough gas. Again, very encouraging.

We landed about half an hour late, at 9.15, and of course now I had to wait for my emergency-checked bag at baggage claim. I was quite happy to see it on the thingy pretty much right away, and off I went to find my rental car.

There was a shuttle to the rental place, a huge line IN the rental place, and at 10.15, I finally drove out of the damn lot, to Grandmother's house I went.

The freeway driving was very easy, as were the tolls. However, there was a little mixup/mistake in the local directions, and so I got a bit lost. What didn't help was the utter lack of street lights and/or well-lit SIGNS on all the side roads. Could not see a blasted thing.

I had to stop at a gas station and get directions. Phew, it eventually worked and I got to my Grandma's at midnight.

Saturday was a light, easy day. A bit of eating, a bit of driving, a bit of napping, a bit of reading. It was all good. Sunday morning was more of the same. I enjoyed the whole weekend. Relaxing, easy-going, etc.

I want to remember and write the stories I heard from my grandma and great aunt. Now, unfortunately, is not the time. The hour is way, way late.

Don't worry, I will also be doing a bit on the previous weekend, spent in the forests of New Jersey. Quite the traveler I am this year, eh?

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