Monday, May 23, 2005

Not dead

I'm here. It's been a few days.

The weekend was great out at Trailblazers. There's a cute anecdote to share about Friday, and two for today. Although I hated all three of my classes today; they were all a bit assy. Good thing I was already giving a test.

I was so absorbed in grading the tests on the bus and then train that I missed my stop. I haven't done that for months and months. Duh. At least I used the extra time to finish the grading.

I only have a handful of stories left to grade. I did about half last night, and I did more this morning on my prep. I know--I worked on my prep! I never do that!

Did more grading stuff at home; I'm getting nearer. Don't worry, the grades will be based on actual numbers, but I won't bother with each and every one. After last week, homework and classwork are meh. The actual grades will be more estimations of the quarter's work and effort.

Happy news--don't need to have it all in until Thursday instead of Wednesday now. Woohoo! Hopefully that reprieve will help me kick into gear and actually get it done by Wednesday, now that I don't *have* to. I am weird like that sometimes. We'll see.

Will write a much longer piece very soon about camp. I was so flattered and relieved at the positive reaction to my last actual thought-out 'writing' post. Clearly the rest of the time I am mostly boring. :) That's okay, I know. I don't have the creativity or patience to do all long, interesting pieces. I feel happy to have a few here and there.

After this week, my workload will be awesome! I have no more college courses to pretend to worry about, no more fretting about homework, no tests or anything. So perhaps I can actually focus on lessons! You know, my real job?

Once this week is over, we have two four-day weeks, a full week (as of now; there may be half-days in there somewhere), then a three-day week (with the big field trip), then the last two-day week. That's a lot of weeks, but it's not that bad, with all the little breaks in there. I can do it.

I can do it! We are almost there!

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Fred said...

Those of us down south are already there. We have a half-day today and tomorrow, then just teachers on Friday until 11:00 a.m.

Of course, when late July rolls around, we're back in session.

I'm not too sure which one is worse!