Monday, May 02, 2005

I really need to be asleep right now

It's not even ten, but I literally tossed and turned ALL night last night. Thus, I hit a wall around 5.30, but pushed through in the hopes of getting to bed super early tonight. Ha, ha.

Today was the first day back after spring break. I arrived with short, straightened hair and contacts. The kids really noticed! They gaped and gawked and asked where my glasses were, if I got contacts, if I had on blue contacts, what happened to my hair, that kind of thing. It was pretty funny. Two kids in Class B said to me, "Excuse me, who are you? I've never seen you before." Heh. Goofs.

It was an easy teaching day; I gave a comma test, which I had to dictate because my overhead bulb went out again. Dammit. Then we played a game by tables, to see who could copy and correctly punctuate sentences. They were pretty willing to do that. I gotta remember that calling anything a game improves my standing in their eyes.

Teachers--invest in erasable sentence strips and a pack of small whiteboard markers. It's easy to use for these kinds of games, and the kids love using them!

Tomorrow I will do some homophone work, and then move on to editing/reviewing. Did I already say this yesterday? I think I did. Oh well. I also think I will do some dialogue practice, just like the comma game. See who can correctly punctuate bits of dialogue. Yeah, that would be cool. Time is the only problem, as usual.

I think for the bulletin board I shall use something about Mother's Day. Have them write a poem or a special memory of their mom or other female relative.

I'm nearly done with my big project that's due on Wednesday. My format is pretty casual, but I don't really know how to write out a mini-lesson. And, honestly, I don't care that much. I like what I've got, I found lots of resources that I printed out, and I'll have it finished on time.

Argh, I wanted to write some introspective stuff about teaching and talents/skills...but like I said, I should be asleep right now. I'll try to catch up tomorrow perhaps.

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