Tuesday, May 24, 2005


It's not Monday anymore, so that means we're closer to Friday.

I got a whole bunch of work done today, including during my preps, after school, and at home. Lots of grading and bubbling, AND I even made a chart. I rarely make charts anymore. Too lazy on one hand, too paper-wasting conscious on another, and too tired of ridiculously chart-riddled classroom walls on yet another.

Again, this is the last hard part. And hopefully that should end before the end of the day tomorrow. Whee!

I reserved my rental car for this weekend; I'm pretty psyched about that. That's an awfully grown-up thing to do.

I have been doing well with getting to bed at a decent time, drinking some water during the day, eating more, and eating earlier in the day. Or at least stopping the eating earlier in the day. Ha. Anyway, as much as I drag through the last third of the school day, I'm feeling a bit better all round.

God, I'm boring. See ya later. Maybe I'll be more interesting then.

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