Saturday, May 07, 2005

Teachers Appreciation blah blah

So, last week was Teacher Appreciation Week, supposedly led off by the specific Day. Well, harrumph.

Not harrumph because teachers shouldn't be appreciated. Obviously, I think all teachers deserve MUCH more than mere appreciation days and weeks--something more along the lines of massive pay raises and public adoration.

No, I say harrumph because who has time to sit and ponder and appreciate? What kind of namby-pamby can sit on their bums in MAY--nearly the end of the year, people! exciting but obviously beyond busy-- and pontificate on the meaning of teachers in today's society and one's own development? Not teachers, that's for sure! Our days are chock full of lists and lessons, doing and check homework, running around from one school to another to home, not EVER getting enough sleep and rest, having no personal life...

You want to show appreciation for teachers? Give us a goddamn DAY OFF!

Though most of us would only use it to get stuff done. Mm, sounds like a good idea. AmeriCorps team leaders get to take administrative time on Fridays, to work on paperwork and other stuff. If ONLY we had that luxury!

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