Friday, May 06, 2005

Squee--Guess What!

My mom and I have just booked plans for Christmas. To BARCELONA! And PARIS!

Six nights of European wintertime fantabulousness. Fucking yeah!

That is by far the best Friday news, EVER.

Let's see, how was today?

I told the kids that I would be counting up their classwork points, and would give rewards to people that got level 4s every day, and also a smaller reward for people that got all 3s and 4s. I gave out a whole lot, actually; around half of each class. That's pretty cool; that means most of my kids are doing a good job. Each kid got a good job note, and the all-4s kids got a special pencil and a lollipop. The kids always love candy, but I think they also do like just getting good job notes. Yeah yeah, positive reinforcement, blah blah blah...

We are working on character analysis in reading workshop, and today was the last day of narrative accounts (stories). Woohoo! We're done! Today was more peer editing/review stuff. Most of the kids were working. Some of the boys, not so much. But most, yeah. Good job.

I went to a workshop after school for literacy. I was so tired; I had trouble keeping my eyes propped open. But there's free dinner and $50 training pay, and we get tips and strategies and even free books. So it's a pretty good deal.


Benjamin Rowlandson said...

Wow! Lucky girl, I'm jealous, is your mom looking to adopt any new kids?

thesocialworker said...

You'll have good time in Spain. I'm likely to be in New York for Christmas. What a pity it is that we'll never cross paths.