Monday, August 06, 2007

Ha! Awesome!

I stayed up until 2.30 last night/this morning, fiddling around on the computer and watching tv. I was fairly sleepy before that; I was just being a lazy stubborn night owl. So with the jet lag and stuff, I figured I might sleep until ten or maybe twelve.

I forced open my eyes after a nice sleep, and checked out the time. I did a double-take squint--it said 4.45pm!

Fourteen hours on my first night back. Wow. I feel a bit swollen and achy, especially in my hands and back. And my throat hurts (but that's been there for awhile already. Also a little restless and lost, as the day is fairly much over by now and I haven't done anything on my prioritous list.

Just now the photos have finally finished uploading, and the final tally is...da da dum...2,033!

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Miss B said...

Welcome back - can't wait to see all the pics and read the stories. And thanks for the postcard :)