Thursday, August 16, 2007

Apartment After!

You know I had get a shot of myself with the roller.

[Leaving the tape on for now, because I think I'm going to do a quick second coat tomorrow, to get the surface even and pretty.]

I'm so excited that I got this all finished in just three days. I was almost nervous or confused to do the real painting today. I was enjoying having a project, and I was really surprised at myself for getting started straightaway. One of my best traits is having great ideas, but one of my greatest downfalls is not always following through, especially in a timely manner.

I think one reason it shocked me, going so quickly, is that I've done so much painting in the past, but it's always been for someone else. Meaning that it all had to be set up, materials bought and set out by the time we got there, and someone else calling the shots, basically.

So to get myself a great project and to take care of the whole thing on my own is definitely new for me. I'm used to being self-sufficient and independent, but most of the time it doesn't involve hands-on things like this. When it does, I invariably have help. Setting up the apartment when I moved in, organizing and cleaning the bookroom, and other large projects, there was at least one person there to help. Not only that, but I often felt like I could not have done it without those people, even for patience's sake. You know, someone to hash out plans and to chat to. Even for this, Boyfriend was going to help me. And look--I decided on a color, bought all the materials, did all the preparation, and completed the painting ALL by myself!

I'm very happy and proud of myself! So much so, that I wouldn't mind finding another big home improvement project...

That said, I've really appreciated your supportive comments! You guys definitely helped motivate me, if only to have another step to show off. :)

Which actually brings me to my plea for help (see? knew I needed other people after all...) I think I still want to do a different accent color on the door and window trim. I'd been thinking about a bright yellow and a red, to create kind of an island feel (since that is what finally inspired this color choice). Online, though, they looked weird. So I figured that I'd get this much done and see what I thought. Though this process was a little tedious at times, it did go pretty darn fast (I could have easily squeezed this all into two days instead of three), and I think it would look even better with an accent. I definitely want a completely different color, something bright and cheery.

So I'd love to get your ideas!
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Nancy said...

It looks so pretty! I love it! When will you do the surrounding walls? Did you pick a color for those yet?

For the trim colors, pick up a little sample of the colors at the paint store and test it.

Schoolgal said...

I agree with Nancy. Test the colors you like first.There are so many shades of the colors you like. Benjamin Moore now has tester kits. If you go from darker to light, don't forget to prime first.

I like looking through magazines and catalogs for ideas. You seem to be on the right track--and so quickly too!

Great job!

Anonymous said...

Looks great!!! As for colors, how about looking at those photos of the aqua water? I'm referring to the colors of the sand, landscape, etc. - can't go wrong with nature. :)

Sherman-Williams has quart size samples for about 5$ as well as an online color coordinator. The online thingy is great because you can play with colors with different trim, curtains, ceilings, you name it.

Oh! They also have a color wheel that will be helpful for coordinating colors in the rooms.

What I REALLY want to know is where did you get those shelves by your tv? With the yellow and red containers in them? I want some!!

p.s. Have you considered leaving the small trim white (where you have taped off right now) and painting the bright color in the middle of the frame? How about a sand color for the rest of the wall? ok, i will be quiet now because i would love to have your place and go nuts with paint.

Good luck!

ms. v. said...

be careful with red and yellow unless you want to live inside a crayon box! you have beautiful walls, though - lucky! I wonder what a sort of silvery-gray would look like framing the blue? or I like the suggestion to use sand with the aqua you already have...