Thursday, August 09, 2007

That was easy

Yesterday I was very productive, so I was worried about today. What would I do to keep myself busy and entertained?

Silly me!

I slept for fourteen hours for the second time this week, so basically, my day was over when I woke up! Awesome!

Yesterday, besides finishing Harry Potter, I did laundry, got my eyebrows done (phew! so much better!), worked out, procured some groceries, and of course, uploaded photos. I felt really good about Getting Things Done, especially as it was So Bloody Humid.

During the night (erm, I mean, during the day, apparently), while asleep, I could feel the difference in the weather--still hot but not sticky and humid anymore, thank god. I had thoughts about going for a walk in the evening sun, but obviously that didn't happen; it's dark now.

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Anonymous said...

Stunningly beautiful photographs, Julie. You have a gift. :)