Tuesday, August 14, 2007

New Project

I've lived in this cute apartment for a year and a half. It has frame moldings on the walls, but everything is white. I told myself that this summer I would try to do some painting.

After loving the Whitsunday Islands, I decided to use that vivid aqua as my main color. I had been thinking about a yellow and a red for trims, but they didn't seem quite right when I played with the preview tool online.

This afternoon I returned to Home Depot (I'd been there, scouting, a couple times before) and bought paint (a pretty near match to the color above, named Mermaid Treasure) and supplies!

So here is what I need to do, in order. [New teachers, this is what educrats call a narrative procedure; you will see it on your standards lists! :)]

First, take down fairy lights and other things on the walls--DONE

Second, move furniture away from walls--DONE!

Tape the edges of the frames (god, that's going to take forever)--DONE!!!!!

Fill and sand nail holes--DONE!

As well as look for and sand any random rough/sticky-out bits.--DONE!
Be sure to wash the walls-they're dusty!--DONE!

Before opening the paint, put down drop cloths--Easy done

Carefully and tediously cut in edges of all frames (also going to take forever)(but I'm really good at it)--DONE!

Finally, paint inside frames with rollers!--ALL DONE!! WOO!!

Stand back, tilt my head, think about whether I should use another color for trim

And of course, take pictures at every stage. Naturally.
Wish me luck, folks. I'll try to update as I progress through my long list.


Miss B said...

What a fun project! That color is going to look so pretty - can't wait to see the finished results!

CaliforniaTeacherGuy said...

Blue--any shade of blue--is my favorite color, so you have my enthusiastic support for your wall-painting project. Did you take "before" pictures so we can compare them with "after"?

Katie said...

What a b-yoo-tee-ful color! It reminds me of the beaches in the northern region of Chile. The water was the same color, and the sand was really tiny bits of crushed seashell: white and glistening. Ahhhh...

Maggie said...

It's going to be so lovely! I am jealous of that beautiful molding.