Monday, August 20, 2007

Healthy (?) Distractions

It's not a poem, but tonight I put together a smashing playlist, and I thought I'd share.

Stuff and Nonsense--Missy Higgins (an Aussie pop singer who sounds a lot like Susie Suh)
Sunrise--Norah Jones (you can't help but bop pleasantly to this)
Que Sera Sera--Pink Martini (sometimes I need a reminder that things work out in the end)
Stupid--Sarah McLachlan (you can't sing this one quietly, and I love that)
Stop this Train--John Mayer (such an addictive rhythm)
Concrete Sky--Beth Orton (I listened to this album a lot when traveling)
Sun Don't Shine--Haley Bonar (you know she was gonna be here somewhere)
Strong Enough--Sheryl Crow (I'm not the biggest fan of her, but there's something about this simple acoustic guitar melody that I love)
Someday You Will Be Loved--Death Cab for Cutie (a song I downloaded awhile back, after another blogger mentioned it, and I love it love it)
Stand By Me--Jason Mraz (a simple yet fantastic live performance)
Songbird--Fleetwood Mac (just a gorgeous, wistful song.)
Ain't No Sunshine--Eva Cassidy (slow and sensual female version of the classic)
Born Secular--Jenny Lewis & Watson Twins (from her solo album Rabbit Fur Coat, which is great)
Both Sides Now--Joni Mitchell (featured in an amazing wordless scene of Love Actually)
Shell--Susie Suh (lovely textured voice that I adore)
Grey Street--Dave Matthews Band (reminds me of dusty Chimney Corner nights)
Spark--Tori Amos (a lesser-known song from the classic singer)
Silent Sea--KT Tunstall (we're seeing her in September!)
Spring Street--Dar Williams (god, I love this song Every.Single.Time)
Song for a Friend--Jason Mraz (this mix is dedicated to my friend S [see the pattern??], and I hope to get it to her soon, along with a couple Australian souvenirs)(this same friend made me a truly awesome mix when I was home in April; I keep meaning to post it here)

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