Thursday, April 01, 2004

Guess what. Tomorrow will be my last day at that stupid "job." I decided that one full week was far too much for me as it is, and I shan't put up with it anymore. So there. Strangely, it's gotten better...I just have devised ways to keep myself occupied. I play with my hair or braid it, doodle in my Care Bears notebook, practice writing with the wrong hand (print and cursive), go over the times tables (I spent a good part of yesterday afternoon putting those together--all the way to 20!), write notes of things to do, future plans, etc, or stretch. It's pretty silly, if you think about it. I still am "meeting the numbers," and my accuracy levels are up. But geez, what a stupid job. Seriously, filing all day, raking all day, ANYthing is better and more interesting than this. Ugh.

By the way, here are the variations of spellings of the word "tardy" that I have read so far: tardie (that's the most popular one, even more than 'tardy'; I almost forget that it's wrong), trady, trade, tarded, tartie, tarty (that one makes me giggle), tarte, tradie, tard, tardi. Don't get me started on the misspellings of words like "silent" and "detention" etc. Please, friends, teach your children to spell properly. I beg you!

This weekend (oh god, why wasn't today Friday?), I shall move. Saturday will hopefully be the bulk of it. Sunday I will clean and organize. Monday I shall go look for work! I'll start with the restaurants. Sigh, what a chore. I will sound like a brat here, but I don't WANNA get a second job! I don't WANNA go back to the food service industry! Don't wanna, don't wanna! WAAH!

Ahem. I'll return to my 'grown-up' voice now.

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