Sunday, April 25, 2004

Boring McBlahville

The other day, I made a little nest out of the upper bunk, like a kind of daybed retreat. I sat up there for most of yesterday afternoon, and some of this afternoon, writing letters and reading (both serious and fun material), even snacking. It was fun. It still involved sitting on my ass, but it was better than sitting on my ass in front of the computer and television. And it made me feel a little bit productive. Sort of. In a really lame way.

This week I hope to pick up my absent vehicle, with the assorted athletic paraphrenalia that suddenly I need but don't have, and work on finding, well, work. I must embrace my inner capitalist whore once again, if only for a short time. I also must work on getting my ass out of the house. I don't want to be a hermit, but I have been too lazy to do anything else. Or actually, do anything at all. Heh. Despite snacking on easter chocolate for most of this week, my body hasn't suffered too much (at least the outside). But I wish I was doing enough "exercise" to offset I'll also be trying to get walking. I wish I could run; I would love to build up my aerobic endurance. Someday, perhaps.

I totally meant to volunteer on Saturday, but with my back acting up on Friday night, I didn't want to be all half-assed with a hammer the next day. So I wimped out. Maybe I'll do it next Saturday, or even find something during the week. Which I really meant to do this week, it being National Volunteer Week or something, and Earth Day was Thursday, and today was the Reproductive Rights March on Washington...but I did nothing. Meh.

At this very moment, I am watching the Comedy Central Bar Mitzvah Special, waiting for a green face mask to dry, wrapped in my favorite blanket in front of the computer. Boy, what a nerd. I promise I'll try to make up for it tomorrow.

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