Thursday, April 08, 2004

A Day in the Life of an Unemployed Twentysomething

These are the productive things I did today, in order of chronology, not importance:
*slept almost twelve hours.
*took a half-hour walk around the neighborhood
*cruised around online job classifieds and emailed some resumes
*called in a claim to my insurance to take care of the I'll only be out the $500 deductible and an increased premium for the next three years (I had an extra discount because of my clean driving record. Dammit.)
*went to both workouts, although I pretty much faked kickboxing.

The rest of the day was lame-o. Not really sure what I did actually, other than those things above. I did get to catch up with Jeopardy (my friend, not the show. duh). Oh, and of course I watched the Apprentice. Omarosa is a pathologically-lying weirdo, Katrina sucks, and I can't decide to root for Kwame or Bill.

Lalala. I am bored and boring. Tralala. BORING!!!

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