Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Haha, okay, I admit it, I am an idiot! Stop kicking me, I'm already down! Universe, stop it!

My car will cost over $1500 to fix, so I'm going to have to get the insurance company involved. Is there a statute of limitations to report accidents stemming from acts of God? I really hope not, because otherwise I am screwed even more than I thought.

Didn't get the restaurant gig that I thought was a sure thing. So yeah, I gave up two weeks of good pay because I was too confident. Just goes to show what happens when you get cocky with your hooks and ponds. No more philosophical rambling about destiny and things always working out. I have a tiny hope that I may still be able to get the two-week gig, or the new temp agency I signed up with might find something.

See, it's not that I'm hurting for money, per se, at least for now. I have two paychecks (albeit small ones) coming from the stupid "job," and that will cover my bills and such for the next month or so. My worry is the saving of money. Having no income and living in New York City scares me to pieces. I feel like time is running out, if I'm to leave in the beginning of June or even late May. (See, if I decide to not do the teaching thing, I still would like to go out east and work at TrailBlazers for the summer.) I have less than two months to get/earn/save as much money as possible. The 2nd job, though a fabulous idea in theory, is pretty unappealing and I think I will abandon it for now. I don't like being deceitful to (potential) employers; it's not lying if I never say that I will stay there for a certain period of time, but it's not telling the whole truth. Y'all know I'm too much of an honest weirdo to be comfortable with that.

It doesn't help that I am in a strange limbo frame of mind. I don't think it qualifies as depressed, or even bored to tears yet. As much as I'm enjoying the freedom of not having to get up and go to a job everyday, it is boring and I am awfully unproductive.

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