Friday, April 23, 2004


Do you know the element used in atomic clocks?

That's the only question I got right on a Difficult quiz about the elements. (See the end for the correct answer.) Even the easier ones weren't as easy for me as I'd like. I guess it's okay that I've gotten dumber.

The week has been so-so. I haven't really gotten out of my hermit-like funk. Wednesday I went into town and picked up some applications. Thursday I went to a local private high school and got onto their substitute list! I'm already signed up for two days in May. Eeee! That's kind of exciting and nerve-racking...but altogether will be a good thing. After that, I turned in a Starbucks application...apparently hell has frozen over. I suppose I won't hold my breath for a call about it, but man, I need money.

Sometime yesterday my back starting hurting. I skipped the workout last night but went tonight...I think it was a mistake, because it's still burning and aching in my lower back. Owww. It makes me walk funny, like I'm either limping or waddling. Hurts really bad. Booooo.

Blah blah blah.

It's cesium, by the way.

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