Monday, April 26, 2004

Monday Monday, not a Blue Monday

Good afternoon, all. Well, I guess it's almost evening.

I set the alarm for 8 and called the temp agency. They're still trying to find something for me, but I did get work for Wednesday, downtown. So that's something. I'm excited to have anything, really. I didn't really get up (which is AWESOME), and eventually fell back asleep. The phone ringing woke me from a dream involving working with Omarosa at a motel; she was trying to get out of it. Heh. Then I called about my car, and the whole thing is still on hold because the insurance people need to reevaluate something, since the frame shop found more things to replace (shocker!). I walked over to the post office and mailed the letters I wrote on Saturday, then crossed the street and picked up a few groceries, mostly frozen things to have for "real food." Mm, edamame.

In the afternoon, since it was SO warm, my mom and I drove to Redmond, and then headed to Carnation. So pretty and serene. Went to the Tolt river, which was so high that the part of the bank we usually go to was underwater; actually there was no shore/bankline until the spot where the Tolt and the Snoqualmie join. The water was ice cold, of course, so I only got my feet wet (I'm a big Wimpy McLamepants when it comes to getting in cold water), but that was just fine. I lay on a towel on a sandbar and read a book. It was very quiet, since only three other people were at the river. The water bubbled by, the breeze kept it from getting to stifling, all in all very lovely and pleasant. I got a tan/sunburn on my shoulders and back. My legs are still super pasty, though. After we loaded the river rocks into the car (my mom puts them in her garden for paths or something), we stopped at Small Frye's for shakes and curly fries. Yum. Then drove through Preston, to I-90, down 900, and home. A nice afternoon.

I had planned on visiting other nearby Catholic schools to get on their substitute lists. Because someone at the agency had mentioned a three-week assignment, I decided against the school thing. But apparently the assignment didn't work out, so I'll go to at least one of the schools tomorrow. There's one right in downtown Renton. I also have to organize a regular school visit, which is a requirement before going to the training in New York. There's homework to turn in about it. I haven't done homework for three years. Guess I better get used to it.

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