Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Cosmic Justice?

Scorpio (Oct. 23–Nov. 21)
For the week of April 7-13:
Stage a jailbreak. The astrological soil is just wet enough to allow a spoon-dug tunnel beneath the razor-wire-topped outer walls and attack hounds of your internal prison, but not so moist and muddy that it’ll collapse and bury you utterly. Don’t hesitate, Scorp. True, you’ve been “inside” so long that the outside world may seem really big and scary. You might be worried that you no longer have enough resilience or flexibility to be effective out there. Forget that ludicrousness. If I were you, the only thing that’d concern me is getting out before the guard tower spotlight sweeps by again.

from the Seattle Weekly

Well, I know I have been watching too much television, because last night in a dream, the people from Law & Order: SVU were investigating something with Donald Trump. Who's planning on being glued to the television for three full hours on Thursday? That's right, I am! How's that for an internal prison?

Happily, I did get a break: I was assigned a temp job, at the new Bellevue branch of my old mortgage company. Today was my second day, I will go back tomorrow, and possibly Friday. The work is pretty dull, but money is a pretty motivating factor for me at the moment. And it's miles better than scoring tests on a computer.

My life is boring. And since it was cosmically ordained, I don't have to feel so bad about it. Heh. So now I have reasons to get out of bed in the morning and will have a paycheck to show for it.

Wait just a goddamn minute. Scooby Doo 2 is the number one movie in America? Oh my good lord. There are no words for my disbelief and disgust, etc.

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