Monday, April 19, 2004

Monday Blues

Well, today I pretended to be mildly productive... I went around town, bought some more clearance Easter candy and some fruit. Also got some hair scissors, and came home and cut my hair! It was an interesting thing to do, it was difficult but fun. I think I cut a couple inches; it just brushes past my shoulders, since it's all wavy. It turned out quite well, if I do say so. Nothing too special, but it seems fairly even. Not too shabby. Even the back looks fine, from what I can see with the double mirror trick. All in all, it will do.

I took a nap, and read, and did not much else. Went to the workout, which was okay. Better than the Sunday morning one. But I decided to myself that if it's possible to have situational depression, maybe that's what I'm going through. Sheer lack of anything to do turns into severe boredom and loss of interest in everything. So I just sit around. Not only is nothing appealing, I also don't want to find anything appealing. Which means I'm wallowing. At least it's not quite the same wallow that I used to partake in, wherein I just kept thinking how ugly and irritating and weird and pariah-like I am. There's definitely an element of that now, but mostly I just feel braindead. I'm numbing myself with television and discussion boards. And even sleep. Hardly any books lately, I've slowed way down on real reading.

Well, there you go. Happy freaking Monday.

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