Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Three Questions! Or eight. You pick.

I'm starting on the Big Questions from last week or whenever, beginning with the ones I sent to Raegan. Here goes nothing!

--Looking back on your life, what is your proudest moment thus far?

Graduating from college. That's only ahead of graduating AmeriCorps because college took four times as long. Both of them represent huge achievement to me, in that I stuck with something, through lots of doubts and hard times, but also found huge success and gratification while doing so. Not to mention being challenged and growing immensely as a person and as a student of the world. (Shut up. This is my blog, I can be cheesy if I damn well please. It's not like you're really reading it, anyway.)
--Who are your three favorite comedians? (it's easier if you've been watching Comedy Central lately!)
Ooh, fun. Heh, get it? Yeah, shut up. I think right now I would have to definitely vote for Paula Poundstone and Eddie Izzard, and my third is going to be Dane Cook. He's real funny.
--This one is sort of cheating, because i'm stealing it. apparently it's from The Purpose-Driven Life. "To see what is really important in your life, answer the following question 5 times. 'IT'S JUST LIKE ME TO BE...'"
Here we go.
It's just like me to be...really insecure
It's just like me to be...a nightowl who complains about not getting enough sleep but can't go to bed early.
It's just like me to be...always looking for something better, more interesting and more challenging, that might lead to happiness and security and contentment.
It's just like me to be...with my nose in a book and my ears listening to music.
It's just like me to be...ummm...really weird.

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