Sunday, April 11, 2004

Lazy Days of Sunny Spring

Yesterday was the most lame of the lame days this week. I sat around, on my ass, some more. Was talking to Rae about going out, and I couldn't even muster the drive to pick a place and get my lazy ass out the freaking door.

This morning was fun (happy Easter, all you Christian-types) because, under a gorgeous clear blue sky and the perfect view of Mount Rainier, we had an Easter egg hunt! Now, please feel free to call me silly and immature and all that, but how can you not love egg hunts? It didn't last very long, and we couldn't find six of them, but still, good, old-fashioned fun.

After I got home, I decided to go for a drive (something I'd contemplated doing on Friday, but was too damn lazy). Opened my atlas and figured Leavenworth might be a fun try. So up I drove, 405 to 522 to 2. When it had been about an hour, and the sign proclaiming Leavenworth to be another 73 miles, I decided that I was too bored, sleepy and almost numb in the butt to finish. Happily, soon after, there was a sign for a state park. Thus I turned off and entered Wallace Falls State Park. Someday I'll have to go back there whilst prepared to actually see the falls. As it was, I 'trekked' a trail that went along the rushing stream which presumably the Falls, uh, falls into. Can I just say that crystal-clear water streaming over boulders is one of the most delightful things on this earth? The sky was still clear and blue, the trees were very green, the sun was shining through the canopy.

The drive up, in parts, reminded me very strongly of driving around New Hampshire. Do you guys remember when we decided to explore some of the roads near New London (I think?) and found the park? It was just like that. And being in the forest was similar to the Olympic National Forest; everything was coated in moss. I think that's why the "moss grows on the north side" adage always confused me; around here, if there's moss on something, it's covering it.

From the park I toured south on 203, through Duvall and Carnation. Made a quick stop at Small Fryes, of course, to get some big seasoned fries and a yummy milkshake. Tasty.

New Alias tonight!!

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