Friday, April 16, 2004

It's Friday!

Oh my goodness. I am SO sleepy. The Apprentice was on past my bedtime, but of course I had to watch it. It turns out I was rooting for Kwame, so I was disappointed in Bill's win. However, both of them were great sports about it, very professional and mature (which we totally hadn't seen with the women contestants, sadly). Good form.

My temp assignment ended today. Can't say I was sad about it, but it was nice to have a "routine," even if it was short-term and involved a 7:00 alarm. My papercuts and scratches should heal shortly.

Yesterday I was sent home at lunch because there wasn't enough stuff for me to work with. So I sat on my ass and watched tapes of tv from the week. Made it to the workout, in which I was sleepy and blah. Until, of course, the triceps track. Then, my friends, it was ON. Me and my triceps, we are a fabulous team. I love them and they love me. My arms are impressive, people. Y'all know that I am the lamest person in the world when it comes to self-confidence and esteem, but I have come to really appreciate my nice ass and my nice arms. Good thing, too, because in the latest batch of pictures I have, my lazy eyelid is in top form. And actually, that eye was twitching last night. Hmm.

At one point in a dream last night, I was bitching at someone (in response to their bitching at me), and I was speaking in an accent. I knew I was using an accent, and that it was kind of obnoxious to keep doing it, but I just couldn't stop. Fun. Hurrah for accents.

Tomorrow is National Youth Service Day! What are you doing to help make the world a better place?

I'm sure I had other things to say, but I am exhausted. 'Night.

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