Thursday, March 31, 2005

A look back to one year ago

In March of last year, my life went through some massive upheaval. Let's recap that era, so near and yet so very far.

In January, I began to hate my job. Or, realize that I hated it. Loved the colleagues, but hated the work. Finally screwed my courage to the sticking place and put in my notice at the end of the month. I also applied for the New York City Teaching Fellows and AmeriCorps NCCC Team Leader.

The last day of work at the mortgage company was March 5, I believe. On March 7, I flew to New York City to interview for the Teaching Fellows.

When I got home, I moved out of my fun, bachelorette apartment I'd been sharing with my college friend Stacey, and back home with mummy. Not sure what exactly I did for the rest of the month, other than try to find short-term work and wait on tenterhooks for any news on either job front.

In April, I was accepted to the teaching program. Assumed I'd be hearing from AmeriCorps soon, but never did.

So that is how I went from just another mindless twentysomething automaton in the Pacific Northwest to being a teacher in the Big Apple.

If things had gone even a bit differently, I would not be here now. If I'd decided to suck it up and finish out the spring at the mortgage company. If I'd not put in my notice soon enough to fly out here. If I'd decided to NOT do this. If I'd heard from AmeriCorps. Any of those things and I would basically be a different person right now.

I haven't decided whether to be glad it all worked out like this, or chagrined.

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