Friday, June 17, 2005

Can you pass a sixth-grade EL@ final?

FINAL EXAM--50 Points

Name and define six types of figurative language.

Write a sentence that uses TWO different types of figurative language.

What does “narcissism” mean?

One of our projects was to write a proposal, which is a type of persuasive writing. What does “persuasive” mean?

What goes in the center of a four-square?

How many sentences should be in a paragraph?

Punctuate this sentence correctly:
hello how are you today he asked

In a library, what are three TYPES of resources that you can use for research?

Name four TYPES of poetry and describe them/give characteristics.

Books are divided into chapters. What are plays divided into?

Name and define the elements of plot.

What kind of LEAD is this?
It was a dark and stormy night. The wind howled through the trees. The full moon cast shadows on the windows. Somewhere below me I heard a thud. But I was alone in the house…..
This is a/an ______________ lead.

What are homophones?

Write two pairs (four) homophones.

Write a sentence that uses two of the homophones correctly.

What is a playwright?


Fred said...

Uh, oh....Can I go to a review session?

Melissa said...

I think I could pass, but what on Earth is a four-square?

Jules the Crazy said...

It's a form of outlining, to help students write a five-paragraph essay. We've used it school/subjectwide all year, and it seems to work alright.

Anonymous said...

All right is the way it is spelled.