Sunday, June 05, 2005

FridayForum questions...cause I'm not a very creative writer

1. What are your favorite summertime tunes? What about your favorite summertime foods?

The Fresh Prince's "Summertime" will always mean, well, summertime. It brings to mind weather, aromas, and the relaxed mindset. It is awesome.

Food? I do love Italian ice and freezie pops. Yummy frozen sugar.

2. What is the best part about summer, in your opinion? Is it your favorite season? What are your plans for this summer?

Don't know about the best part of summer; here in New York the weather is pretty yucky, whereas Seattle is just gorgeous and perfect. I like sunshine and green grass.

Obviously, we all love the feeling of not having to do anything. Of relaxing, playing, traveling, going to the beach, or any combination of those things. Can't overlook the appeal of late nights walking around, or late nights in an outdoor bar or restaurant, that kind of thing.

This summer I have to take classes in July, but only three days a week in the afternoon/evenings. That leaves the rest of the time to sleep in, actually do some homework, play in the city, and hopefully see friends. Whee!

In August, I will visit Seattle for a week or two, then (cross your fingers) drive my Saturn out here to New York.

As they say, the schedule/vacation for teachers makes it all seem worthwhile. No real work for two whole months! Sweet!

3. Do you tan easily, or do you tend to burn badly? What's the worst sunburn that you've ever had? Do you go to a tanning booth in order to prepare for the summer season?

I have lame fair skin. It's not pretty/creamy smooth like Nicole Kidman, but pasty and blah. I tan for about five seconds before I burn. With SPF 30 in Las Vegas, I only got a little sun irritation, and a little 'tan.'

When I went to Kauai at nine years old, my whole body got burned, both sides. Even my eyelids were burned. I couldn't sleep, I couldn't swim, I couldn't do anything. It was terrible.

The next worst one was my first trip to Mazatlan at thirteen. The tops of my feet got burned, really badly. I couldn't walk properly for two days. Oh, the pain.

4. If you could spend this summer absolutely any way that you wanted, with money being no object, what would you do and why?

What a silly question! Go to Paris, of course!

5. What are your favorite summer clothes to wear?

Swingy skirts or dresses and my comfortable flip-flops. They're actually my mom's old ones, and I believe they're almost as old as I am. But oh so comfy.

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