Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Some pictures

Planes still fly right over the city of DC, which I find rather strange. But anyway, so we were driving over the Potomac when a 747 roared overhead. I quickly lifted my camera to try and capture its underbelly, but all I got was sky.

Isn't it a gorgeous shot, though?

A candid, awkward shot of me waiting for a group photo in front of the Maison Blanche.

Rrr! You're afraid of the claw! Death Squint for anyone who dares test it!

"Congestion 2 miles ahead"

Those cars are moving at about 2 mph.

Gee, thanks for the heads up, NJTransit.

A student took a picture of me while my camera was hooked to my teacher whistle/key chain/necklace thingy. Thus the lack of distance. It's pretty cool in a funky, extreme-nose-close-up way.

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Fred said...

Aren't cameras a wonderful thing? Nice shots.