Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Holy Crap!

Today is JUNE, people. How did that happen? Don't get me wrong, I am thrilled about it. But goodness me, didn't I just get here? Didn't I just start this whole adventure? Damn. In fifteen days will be the one-year anniversary of my big move to the Big Apple.

With the first of June comes the real countdowns, baby. Twenty-seven days until the end of school. Even better, SIXTEEN days of teaching left! (Technically there should be eighteen, but I'm still counting on the overnight field trip that last 'full' week.) I hear that at least two of them are half-days, which is freakin' awesome. I wonder when they'll give us a schedule for that?

Again with eeeeevil Class B on Wednesday afternoons. The worst three boys in class were NOT there, but still, very little control. Chatty bums.

I introduced the project that we're going to end the poetry unit with. (okay, "with which we're going to end.") That took the time away from an actual reading workshop with Classes A and B, which is awesome, cause I hate reading workshops. I'm pretty sure the kids do, too. Actually, they tend to listen fine during the mini-lesson part, but they can't sit and read and focus quietly. Grr.

I have anecdotes to share:

After our career day, I got to take some time to talk to Class C about careers, futures, etc. I asked the kids to free write a bit about what they want to do in their lives. One girl wrote, "I want to be a teacher like Miss C." AWW! How cute is that?!

Eager R fancies himself a teacher too, talking about how he likes to help me so that he can practice, and all that. He said he'll come back next year to make sure the students are listening to me, and tell them, "You better not mess with Ms C!"

One day, in Class C again, I was discussing homework and I said something off the cuff, some fact or definition or whatever. And this girl goes, all wide-eyed and incredulous, "Dang Ms C, do you know everything?!" And I solemnly nodded my head. Heh. And then yesterday, out of the blue at the end of class, she told me about a book she was reading. "It's got, like, EVERYTHING in it. Questions and answers about all kinds of things. Everything. And it reminded me of you!"

The kids in my grade have to wear ties, boys and girls. The administrators get all over them if they don't wear them, or don't wear them properly. Well, yesterday, I noticed this boy's "tie" in Class C. He had found a calendar or something with a picture of a yellow tie on it. And he tore out the page, folded it up, and taped or pinned it to his shirt. The boy was wearing a piece of paper as a tie! I didn't really notice until I was just about to start a rant about their incessant chattiness. I hid my face behind my gradebook, but the kids saw me anyway and knew I was laughing. A paper tie!

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