Tuesday, June 21, 2005


I gave the final to all three of my classes today, and no one got to perform their play. Yesterday Class B did one, and Class C did two. They will be able to finish up tomorrow. Class A has once again gotten the shaft; they were stuck in the auditorium all morning yesterday and tomorrow there's Field Day. So maybe they can go next Monday?

After each student finished the final, I gave them an evaluation to complete. It was open-ended questions that I got from the FellowForum. The answers are pretty cool. I'm indulging my nerdy/anal side by typing up all the responses to each question. I will post them in the next day or two.

Just so you don't worry about me, I feel pretty validated about the year after reading them. It's a big relief and it's pretty funny.

The final, however, seemed to stump a lot of kids. And I thought it was pretty easy! (Because we covered those things multiple times, throughout the year.) Oops.

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