Saturday, June 04, 2005

Summer days!

Be excited for me--I actually went out on a Friday night--AND in the city! I met up with two other teachers who also happened to be teacher/bloggers. We had a couple drinks and chatted about life and teaching and boys, not necessarily in that order. I had a great time and am so glad I went.

I was supposed to go help out at camp this weekend again, but late last night I got an email saying it was supposed to rain all weekend. So just to be safe, I got up at seven a.m. and had to leave a voice mail. I decided not to chance it. When it's raining, not much work can get done in the smallcamps, and that's what they need help with. So I'll have to make it up there another time.

From 7.30 to 9.30, a JACKHAMMER made unbelievably loud noise right across the street. I actually looked up the city's noise ordinances, and found that it is indeed illegal to do any construction work except between 10am and 4pm on weekends. Fuck you, illegal jackhammerers! I hate you!

I spent the morning just sitting and watching silly television. The good kids' shows were not on today for some reason, so I had to settle for half-watching the bad ones. I love Even Stevens, but Raven and Lizzie McGuire need to shut the hell up. Phil of the Future is adorable, so he can stay.

I took a shower and then got productive. I made a pilgrimage to the library and found a few books to keep my mind otherwise engaged for the next week or two. Sweet! Have I touted the beauteousness that is the public library system? I heart libraries, because I heart free books!

From there, I took a bus to Marshalls. Though I hated spending the money, I was happy to find some cute things to summer-ize my wardrobe, so to speak. I bought my first two pairs of capris, one an olive green (a shade that's really growing on me) and one black. They are really more of pedal-pushers; capris, cropped pants, and the other kind of non-regulation pants look stupid on everyone, in my humble and un-PC opinion. Either wear pants or wear shorts, or wear trousers that go to the knee. Why the highwaters? Blech. Anyway, I liked these capris.

I also found two adorable skirts, one black and a bit swirly in the cut, and the other a bright fuschia and white floral print that is swingy and happy. I found some cute sandals that matched the skirt and didn't feel too bad on my feet. We'll see if I actually try to wear them ever. I hate uncomfortable shoes, to the point of not wearing shoes that I have bought but seem like they might be uncomfortable. I am weird.

I walked from that shopping center north about eight blocks to the mall. Bought some food and little things at Target, narrowly deciding against buying Scrubs on DVD. I reasoned that when I get a check from the workshop training, that will be my treat to myself.

When I got home, I picked up the clothes on my floor, and changed over my 'closet.' I took out the heaviest pants and long-sleeved/heavy shirts and sweaters. Then I hung up my tank tops and new clothes I got last weekend (tops) and this (bottoms). Hurrah! I resolve to look at least a little cute for the next few months.

Did I stop at the closet? Oh, no. I started laundry and tidied the rest of my room. I shaved and painted my toenails a nice mauvey color. Organized my random pile of mail and crap. Ate some corn on the cob. Watched the rest of Spanglish, which I liked. And I just finished flipping through the FOOT-HIGH pile of newspapers that I've saved since September. I pick up a Metro every morning on the way to the train, and at first I saved each one. I wanted to do the crosswords, but I never got around to it. Plus, there would be interesting pictures or articles that I figured later on, I'd cut out. So I cut out things that were interesting, which turned out to be few and far between. No more hoarding for me. God yes, I am weird.

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