Thursday, June 16, 2005


I get to go on the overnight field trip next week! I am thrilled for several reasons:

--field trip!
--two fewer days to teach!
--get to hang out with students without the rigors/expectations of real school
--hang out with teacher friends N, Ms B, and Mr CT (CuteTeacher)
--visit a new city
--museums and sights
--did I mention Mr CT will be there? (Yeah, he's got a girlfriend. Don't they all? A girl can dream, right?)
--no school/work clothes--woohoo for shorts or jeans or whatever!
--by the way, I know this won't be an actual vacation for me/us teachers. We will have to stay vigilant and eagle-eyed to keep track of the kids and keep them in order. But I'm quite sure we'll find a way to get in a bit of fun, or at least some giggles here and there.

People, this is for real. Six more "teaching" days!!!! Good lord.

My students should be wrapping up their rehearsals tomorrow. I may give them Monday too, depending on the schedule next day. Then they'll perform the plays, somewhere in Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday. Again depending on the schedule, I may give a final exam Wednesdayish. After that, my real week will be over. Trip time!

One more full day. Either a final exam (I'm afraid the kids won't sit for it) or...what, games? The last plays? The last day is only a half day, so that's definitely games.

I can't believe how close to the end it's getting. I also can't believe that I keep talking about. For that, I apologize. I can't turn off my one-track mind, which is chanting, "Summer! So close! Almost the end! Summer!" etc etc.

Thank the good Mother Nature, the weather has broken a bit. Yesterday was warm, but breezy and fresh. Fantastic! This morning was downright chilled. Don't worry, it stayed humid and stuffy in my room. In the afternoon it nicened up a bit, but then poured. As it does. What a wonderful life to not stifle in the very air one is attempting to breathe, to not stick to all clothing and other surfaces, and to just feel comfortable again.

Sorry for the boring post. Maybe I'll feel more writerly this weekend.


Fred said...

My, my, sounds like someone is coasting to the end of the year.

You never know when Mr CT's girlfriend is going to be an ex, so hang in there!

And, enjoy the trip - sounds like fun!

Anonymouph said...

Thrilled I am to hear you so happy! Here's to fieldtrips! Here's to cute teachers! Here's to summer! What are your summer plans?