Monday, June 20, 2005

Eee!! (for lots of reasons)

1. One week remaining. ONE WEEK!! (And Fred, you bet your ass I'm coasting to the end of the year! That's the only way that I can survive with any sanity :)

2. Last Thursday was my official one-year-in-New-York anniversary. Holy shit.

3. Mr CT must be fucking with me; he winked at me twice today. If you're here, Mr CT, identify yourself!

4. The overnight field trip is very soon. I'm really excited to hang out with the kids and my colleagues. We're bringing games and talking of a "teachers gone wild" scenario. Whee!

5. I'm thinking about setting up a multiple-classroom "monetary" reward system for next year. Last night I made a template, and it's so cute! I talked to Ms B, the math teacher who has the same classes this year. She seemed amenable to the idea.

6. Dar Williams concert on Wednesday night!

7. Possibly camp this weekend. Fun!

8. Soreness is finally diminishing from my Saturday morning workout that I almost decided against. I shall *try* to go tomorrow after school, maybe. It's gonna be a busy week. I should buy or 'bake' something for the bake sale on Wednesday at school.

9. On B/Q Day, I wrote a long letter to my friend who is in Africa with the Pea&e Corp$. It has been a really long time since I sent her anything. I think about a year, actually. So naturally, it seems that I have LOST the goddamn letter. Nice.

Remember that hope we had for real writerliness? Apparently it ain't happening here. I left a few verbose comments on other blogs in response to their posts, but I can't be bothered to author my own thoughts. Blurgh.



Anonymouph said...

And I was ever-so-grateful for your verbose comments on my morose post. Thanks for sharing your enthusiasm (Eee!) I'm excited for you and the end of your year!

Fred said...

Heck - you deserve to coast. And -happy anniversary.

To think that I've already been off for three weeks. But, I get to go back July 27th; you can rub it in during August when you're sipping on your favorite beverage.