Thursday, June 02, 2005

"Translations" for very vulgar language

This shit cracks me the hell up!

From wikipedia:

"Fck you!" or "Go fck yourself!" (I don't like you; leave me alone.)
"He's a dumb fck." (He's an idiot.)
"Sorry, I fcked up your computer." (Sorry, I damaged or crashed your computer.)
"He's pretty fcked up." (He's mentally or emotionally unstable.)
"I fcked up on this test." (I did poorly on this test.)
"Let's fck around for a couple hours." (Let's waste a couple of hours.)
"I'm fcked." (Consequence.)
"What the fck!" (What on earth just happened?)
"Shut the fck up!" (Stop Talking.)
"I'm so fcked up right now." (I am extremely drunk or high on drugs/generally confused or "messed up"..)
"You fckface!"(Dumb person)
"None of your fcking business!"
"Un-fcking-believable!" (Very unbelievable)
"I'm so fcking tired."
"Shut the fck up!"
"Oh, Fck!" (Something unpleasant happened.)
"He's a great fcker!" (He's a great fellow, not he's sexually competent.)

Gotta save the best for last.

"Fcking fck those fcking fckers!" ("Forget about those very disliked people.")
"Fcking fcker's fcking fcked!" ("It is broken.")

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