Sunday, June 19, 2005

Summer lovin'

I just bought a plane ticket!

It's nothing too exciting. Well, actually I suppose that's not true. I shall fly back to Seattle in early August, and it's only a one-way ticket. Thus I am now OFFICIALLY committed to my road trip back to NY. Hurrah!

Someone asked about my summer plans. In July, I have to take two college classes, but they only meet the three middle days of the week. You know what that means--four-day weekends for the whole month. Sweet! I am looking forward to Shakespeare in the Park, free concerts, walking tours, touristy stuff, everything.

August will be visiting home: seeing friends and family, driving around/afternoon road trips, packing, just chillin'. Then, sometime near the end of the second week, I will be driving across the country. With luck and permission, I will stop and see teammates/friends/family on the way. Can't wait!

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Fred said...

Seattle is such a cool town. I used to work for WAMU, so I got to visit there often. I miss the salmon - have some for me!