Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Barcelona Part 2

Meet Henry the Holy Snail of Barcelona. He lives on the cathedral in the Barri Gotic. Isn't he cute? The Sagrada Familia is clearly visible on the skyline, even with clouds. Mom wanted to see this big park down by the water. Who knew that a wooly mammoth lived there?
"Yikes! Don't eat me!" says Mom.

But I say, "Hi, friend, take me for a ride!"
A pretty unique sign: "BARCINO" in huge brass art letters. It's in the cathedral square. Those are Roman ruins built into the walls behind. Another part of the Barri Gotic. This is the September 11 memorial, except it's for a massacre that happened several hundred years ago. I believe the victims are buried under the ground here, too. The eternal flame honors them.
"My name is Picasso, I'm a painter! Come visit my musuem nearby. Or just go in the gift shop like those lazy, cheap American tourists. They have no appreciation for culture!" El Corte Ingles: signs in Catalan and Castilian. Different but very similar. If you are feeling down, and are in need of compliments, this is the place to be. :)
The sub-basement houses a supermarket. We bought lunch and got a pulley thing to carry our stuff, because we were too cheap to get a real cart (it costs like a euro or two).

Here's our spread, in the hostel kitchen: water, apple/peach juice, caesar salad-in-a-bag, spinach, vinaigrette, avocado, Edam cheese, crackers, and chocolate chip cookies. And jelly candies for treats while walking. Our modest hostel room. I was cold most of the time; they didn't really heat the place. But other than that, it was a great place to stay.


Nancy said...

hey, barcelona is one of the places i might be going this summer! sweetness. ps we have to get together soon so i can give you the stuff for prague!

PopKultur said...

This Picasso guy ... is he related to Paloma?