Friday, January 27, 2006


It feels weird that it's Friday. Somehow the week went almost too quickly. I think it was the weeknight goings-out.

On Wednesday night I went on a semi-date to a quiz night in Brooklyn. It was fun, but I was definitely not a useful member of the team. The visual round was all battlefield maps!

On Thursday night, a bunch of teachers went out for a little goodbye dinner; my friend N is going on medical leave.

Now it's the end of the week, and grades are due next Wednesday. Urgh.

I gave a quiz on kpat today and I graded them at school; the scores averaged perhaps 19 out of 23. Not bad. We also did some book walks for our three titles and I let them give their input for books and groups. Which means that I have to sort those and create groups this weekened. In addition to grading a bunch of projects. Each class turned in two things, making a total of six things. Two are finished. God, that doesn't sound like a lot at all.

Tomorrow morning is stupid extra teaching. Fortunately, it looks like someone will be taking over for me in March. The extra money is really nice, but the time is not. The waking up early on Saturday, and the fact that I have to think and deal with low-level kids when I'm not in school mode: that part I really dislike.

Ho hum.

Three weeks til Prague! Whee!

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