Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Christmas with Mom

Mom arrived on Wednesday morning. I went off to a shortened school day and she took a nap. Later we went out to dinner.

Thursday night, the night of the evil, horrid traffic, we went into the city to see the Rockettes at Rockefeller Center. Sadly, because of the stupid final, there was no time to chill and meander around, or even eat dinner. Mom made me a plate of nachos and a bowl of salad while I furiously typed short responses and chose multiple choice answers.

Oh, and she insisted on leaving her antique beaver coat here with me. In Seattle, one cannot wear fur; one will get yelled at or possibly otherwise very bothered. Of course, out here, you see fur all the time. So it was her rationale that I will have an opportunity to wear it. A fur coat. As a poor teacher who lives in the outer boroughs. Sigh.

Soon enough it was Christmas Eve and we opened presents! I got a whole bunch of cards from students, and a good amount of gifts, too, including this angel candle thing. My dad gave me two things: this three-foot-tall French waiter butler dude, and this:

It's a purple fleece pajama suit that makes me feel like both a penguin and a grape, though very toasty warm.

Other things from my tidy haul:

A jar of garlic pepper dill pickles from Pike Place, lots of candy, a nike cinch backpack that I took on the trip with me, and some pictures from when I was little. Not to mention a pretty turtleneck sweater and a jewelry set--both from students!

Then, a hurried rush to pack and get to the airport.

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