Saturday, January 28, 2006

Biology and Sociology plus Education...

Greg at Delenda Est Carthago wrote a fascinating response to the Newsweek story, The Trouble With Boys. Go read what he and others have to say.

It seems the main idea is that studies of the brains are continuing to prove that boys and girls are different--in learning, maturing, behaving. No shit. What are the ramifications? Well, in the current climate of both testing madness and political correctness/equality, things 'for boys' are getting cut, like recess and masculine stories.

I completely agree on Greg's point about structure. If boys have such a hard time sitting still and paying attention, give them that structure so they know what they are expected to do. If they're so competitive, make it a competition to see who can get things done the best or fastest. All kids need structure.

When my classes come to me after gym, they're running down the hall, all sweaty and hyped up. I usually have to snarl at them to remember how my classroom works (ie, quietly), but they do settle down and get to work. Because they know that's what's expected of them in that room. When they leave my room, they sound like crazy people. But inside, they get it done.

That said, as far as 'talent', there's a lot more girls that already have it than boys. Of course, the girls in middle school (especially at the beginning) are light-years ahead of the boys physically, and physiologically; it makes sense they're ahead intellectually as well. I'm sad to say that I am surprised when I have a good writer who's a boy; it's not often. Now, whether that's innate intellect or socialization that ELA, reading and writing are "soft" or "girly" subjects, who's to know.

Very interesting stuff indeed.

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Greg said...

Thanks for the plug. I wanted to mention something else about plagiarism - I agree with everything you're doing, by the way - but you can always remind them that the person who actually wrote the stuff can sue them for big bucks. That always had an impression on my kids, because I told them that it didn't matter to me, but the person who wrote it would be very offended and not care how old they were.