Saturday, January 14, 2006

Weekend Meme Fun

Thanks for the tag, Rebecca!

Four jobs you've had:
--foodperson at catered corporate picnics: I usually got stuck with the corn booth (lots of shucking involved there) or the hamburgers/hotdogs. Once I got the smoothie booth, that was a fun treat. And I also usually got stuck with helping to wash the dishes. It took an hour or more and left me soaking wet from head to toe (outdoor tent plus industrial kitchen sink and cooking tools).
--candlemaker: (Officially, that oocupation is called a chandler. Did you know that?) It was the summer of the 1996 Olympics, and I could watch the swimming and other events while pouring, mixing, wrapping, etc.
--barista: For nearly my whole college career plus a little after. Only was forced to drink coffee once; for the rest of the time I successfully avoided it. I made friends, developed crushes on coworkers, and smelled heavily of coffee and milk. My bad wrists complained heavily for the first year or two with the manual espresso machines, but the advent of the automatic ones made everything much smoother and faster, if less artistic. My specialty drink to make was a caramel macchiato.
--watchseller: For the holiday season at the Bon Marche after AmeriCorps. It was actually pretty fun. I'd thought it would be boring, but we kept pretty busy and I was decent at matching watches to people.

movies you could watch over and over:
--The Princess Bride
--Love Actually
--Bring It On

Four places you've lived:
--Paris, France
--Perry Point, MD
--Bellingham, WA
--Brooklyn, NY

Four websites you visit daily:

Four television shows you love to watch:
--Grey's Anatomy

Four of your favorite foods:
--Chocolate Gelato
--Caesar Salad
--Fresh French baguettes

Four albums you can't live without (at least for the moment):
...this is hard! I play random lists by alphabet! don't make me choose!
--Haley Bonar, The Size of Planets
--Simon & Garfunkel, The Greatest Hits
--Rhys Fulber, Conjure One
--Norah Jones, Come Away With Me

Four places you'd rather be:
--Western Washington State

Four (or six) people who are now obligated to do this on their blog:
--Mz Smlph

--Ms Frizzle
--Ms M

--Mr Lawrence
--everyone else that I know, who wants to

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Nancy said...

nyah. i already got tagged for this meme last week! you can see it here.