Monday, January 30, 2006


Grades are FINISHED!

After school, we had our last official PD. Thank goodness. :) Then I made copies and stuff, trying to organize my hopelessly-full-of-crap desk, to not much avail.

I ran errands in my old neighborhood: reordered contacts, eyebrows waxed, warm boots bought, crate o' copy paper bought. Hurrah for productivity!

I got home and immediately got to work (and heated a pizza). In less than two hours, I calculated the last class's grades, and, in a solid bout of concentrated bubbling, completed ALL the grade sheets.


I get to turn in my grades more than a full day early! I'm so proud of myself.

A few minutes ago, however, I suddenly remembered that classes start tomorrow evening. Meaning I wouldn't have had much time to work on grades tomorrow night anyway.

Anyway. I'm finally done and it's time to watch tv and read. Whew.

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