Sunday, January 29, 2006

A Productive yet also Relaxing Sunday

...I just wish there was more of it. :)

First thing this morning, I did a workout. It was the first since my mom was here a month ago; no wonder my size eights are getting snug (forget about that size six).

I had a semi-healthy breakfast (instant oatmeal with banana and organic juice).

I FINALLY finished grading the short stories that were turned in back in OCTOBER. Yep, lazy bum, right here.

After deciding to leave the bio grade for next quarter (I already graded the quiz and resume), I was able to calculate grades for two of my three classes. No bubbles yet; perhaps I can start that tomorrow during some preps.

I bought another eBook, for the l!t c!rcle book that we don't have much info on. (I bought one last weekend too; we already have a bunch of stuff for the third title).

Upon the frustration that is my old-school desktop DVD player was acting up with all kinds of discs, and with nothing on television, I (rather excitedly) took myself to the library. I came home with TWELVE books: four each related to travel, teaching, and fluffy chick-lit. Guess which stack will get read first? Guess which stack will almost assuredly NOT get fully read? Heh.

I lay in bed reading and giggling for a few hours (Dave Barry's Only Travel Guide You'll Ever Need), took a nap, snacked on fully unhealthy foods.

AND, I finished my road trip scrapbook! I'm so excited! I just wish I had people to show it to. Maybe I'll bring it to school and force people to look.

That means that I can begin on the scrapbook for Barcelona/Paris! I think that one will run long, there are so many pictures! So many things to write about!

I talked to my mom tonight and brought up the danged fur coat. She wants me to bring and wear it in Prague (in less than three weeks now!). I'm interested in the warmness quality, but not so much in the bulkiness and heaviness factors. But basically, she's gonna force me (by phone from three thousand miles away, as moms can do) to bring it anyway. I'll probably have to use it as a blanket to keep it safe in the hostel at night, cause I'm ghetto like that.

She said she'll send me a fur-trimmed hat with fabric strappy things, and that I really need to go get fur-lined/other big warm boots. And hand-warmers. And toe-warmers.

All these things sound very practical. In theory, I should need them for winter here in New York. I really needed them last winter, when I had to walk around in the snow and below-freezing temperatures for several months. This year, it's a cakewalk! More like Northwest weather than typical Northeast. Weird.

Anyway, so sometime next weekend (which is busy!) I shall visit some stores, and spend money. And here I was hoping not to buy too much for this trip, since I bought a bunch of stuff for the Christmas one. Ah well.

Monday looms again. Damn, these weekends go too quickly.


Ms. M said...

I wanna see your scrapbook!

yomister said...

LMAO on the October short story grading. I had a similar experience the other day. A kid asked me when they would get their autobiographies back. I was dumbfounded. I assigned that the first week of school. Can you believe I actually found them in my closet? Ungraded! *hangs head in shame*