Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Family Similes

From an assignment in December. I think you'll enjoy them like I did.

--They're as helpful as an elevator in a 10-story building.

--They're like a backup file because when things break down they help fix it.

--My mom and my school are more serious than a dictator presiding over his country.

--My mom works hard like a CIA/FBI dog. Her nose is wet like a dog and picks up a smell of guilt from a liar.

--My sister is as quiet as a snail under a foot of snow.

--My family is as cooperative as sheep running wild!

--My two brothers are as annoying as a mosquito bite itching constantly.

--My family is as loud as an airport.

--My family is my bulletproof vest when I walk through a gunfight.

--The way a bat eats insects is the way I read books.

--My lego creations are as odd as the Empire State Building is tall.

--My younger sister's commanding voice is like the general in a 5-gold-star military.

--Our family love is a beacon of light in a dim world.


Rebecca said...

Some of those are really funny. You have such creative kids!

Greg said...

My two favorites are the one about the dictator and the one about the Empire State Building. In fact, that one makes my head hurt because it's way too Zen.

Manjhunath said...

Lovely ones :) Keep going !!