Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Welcome Back

I hope that everyone has had a nice day back to school after the vacation. I hope that the children were well-behaved and the administrators relaxed.

Sadly, today was an off day for me, because of some stupid legal crap with the insane ex-landlords. Turns out I should have NOT done the dutiful thing--I should have blown it off and gone to work; today was useless.

Although I did get some errands done that were neglected before. So I suppose that is a good side.

Everyone has been reflecting and listing things about the past twelve months and the future ones too. I shall refrain for now, as December kind of rushed by, and I'm still all out of it regarding the new year, etc.

I have organized the pictures as best I can; they still number over 300. I am going to post about the adventure very soon.

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Nancy said...

how about a little teaser photo!