Sunday, January 01, 2006

Bonne Annee!

I am back!

Actually, we got in yesterday around 4, and back to my place around 6.

It's always so strange to return to one's hometown, because it feels like you've never left, and yet you also feel out of place since you missed so much.

Anyway, our European Christmas Jaunt was great, the time flew by but was busy, and there are nearly five HUNDRED pictures to show for it. Not to mention lots of postcards and souvenirs.

We did pretty well getting rested right off the bat, but the transition back to US time has not begun so well. I went to bed around 9ish last night and was up at about 4.30 this morning. Tonight will be better.

Last night first we checked email--I went an entire week without it! If I had been on my own, I would have found internet cafes. But it was fine without it too. Just barely. :) Anyway, then we uploaded the pictures.

This morning, I started organizing them. Then we will crop and edit them. Then upload to online albums and order prints and fun stuff like that. Man, I am such a nerd to love this kind of thing!

Much more very soon!

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