Friday, December 23, 2005

At long last, vacation has begun!

It really doesn't feel like it yet, but it will when I get on that plane tomorrow!

Today went just fine. The getting up at regular time sucked, and the periods felt like they lasted forever and a day. But the kids were an excellent audience for Special Mystery Guest Mom. All the teachers were merry and had treats and games and it was nice.

After school, Mom and I went to Target for some trip stuff, but then, naturally, caught the monstrous Queens Blvd traffic heading east/south. It took nearly an hour to get to the restaurant we were going to. Three teachers and us met up for dinner and drinks and to just chill. It was very pleasant: we talked about traveling, errant students, and growing up with strict parents (or not, in my case; it didn't matter for me because I was such a nerd). I had some yummy nachos and Mom and I shared a strawberry margarita.

I have been getting cards and presents from my students all week, collecting them and saving them til tomorrow morning. There's quite a pile! I was so surprised and touched, and now I'm all giddy about all the gifts I get to open! Hurrah.

And then we have to PACK because we are leaving in less than 24 hours! Holy Crap!

Merry Christmas Eve Eve, everyone!

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