Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Please Think Good Thoughts for me!

I found a gorgeous, adorable, perfect apartment. The landlord is showing it all evening and making her decision tomorrow.

It's in the neighborhood next to mine, and one of my teacher friends lives nearby. It's a quiet residential neighborhood but also close to the freeway.

The apartment is third floor. New tiles. Several bright windows. Funky attic-type ceilings, but still high. (What a welcome change from the basements I keep seeing, where I can put my palm flat on the ceiling. Sometimes being not-short has disadvantages, I guess.) Nice big bathroom. Kitchen nook and small dining "room" too. Very cute and bright and I loved it immediately. Please cross your fingers, pray, burn incense, talk to the fairies, or whatever thing you do, to ask the Universe to give me this blessing.

This is the only time I've been happy for a solid week. Last night, sitting in the college library unable to get online, I finally realized that I've actually gone through the Stages of Loss, from Psych 101.

Denial: "This can't be happening. It's too ridiculous."
Anger: I was here for a long time. See: Asshole, Landlord is a.
Bargaining: Skipped this one pretty quickly, as there is no bargaining if a person has no reason whatsoever.
Depression: This really hit me last night. I feel helpless and hopeless; there's no end in sight.
Acceptance: Yeah, right. The only thing that will help me "accept" this situation is having the lights turned back on and then getting the hell out.

The landlord of the pretty apartment wants someone to move in this weekend. And that didn't even stop me or faze me. I was like, "I'll take it!" It would make for a tough weekend, but I would call in on Saturday morning and ask school friends to help.

It's so lovely and perfect for me! I should hear back from her tomorrow. I'll keep you posted, as long as you cross your fingers for me! :)


Nancy said...

Oh, good luck! Let me know if you need help. I think I'll be around Saturday morning. I can't drive a truck or anything but I can provide lifting and what not!

Anonymouph said...

My fingers, toes, AND nosehairs are crossed for you. The new place sounds so idyllic! Way to seize the day (or the apartment, I guess)!