Monday, December 12, 2005

Don't hold your breath;

I'm certainly not, but...

the power is back!

It did not come easily, I will tell you that. I returned from a full afternoon of apartment hunting (more on that in a sec), in the dark with some fast food for "dinner", only to find that our inner door was not only locked--which it has never once been--but the security chain was on. That was also very strange. I had a really bad feeling, but first called my roommates to make sure they weren't home. Sure enough, it was the PSYCHO LANDLORDS.

They were waiting for me/us inside their front door. The wife person claimed that she was scared of me because I was a stranger. Seriously, I am coming to believe she is some combination of insane and a pathological liar. Anyway, I reminded her that I have lived here for a year and a half, and they took our rental receipts two months ago (and have not given them back). She said something about asking me for an ID card (nope, she did not), and I said calmly that this was very illegal and I am calling the police. She was eager to see the police.

So I called 311 first, to make sure it was on record, but before I gave more information than "My landlord locked me out", I was connected to 911. Two policemen came out about ten minutes later and took a very aggressive, accusatory tone with *me.* I quickly and calmly explained the situation, and the "leader" asked if I had ID with my name and this address. I said, No, because I'm not from here and I'm a student. "Of course," he said all sarcastically. It was all I could do to not unleash some of my own teacher voice/attitude. They took my keys and at least agreed that yes, I have the keys that unlock the door, but the landlord had pulled the chain.

So we went around to the landlord's door and they started all their bullshit about us being strangers and illegal and maybe doing drugs (HUH?) and damage. On and on, lying and other insane things. I tried to correct a few of their more outrageous claims--that I have lived here for over a year and we only put locks on our bedroom doors to protect ourselves--but the police officer would not let me talk! He totally took their side and did not care a bit what I had to say.

The officer did at least say that clearly I am not a stranger, since I have the keys. He also said they have to take the chain off. But then he said, "I wish I could help you, but in New York the tenants have more rights than the owners. Take them to court tomorrow if you want."

Dude. As if WE are the bad guys here.

Anyway, the chain was taken off and I was able once again to enter my own apartment. A few minutes later, I left, though. When I came back a little after 11, the police were arriving at the same time, and my roommate (D) was standing at the door. Oh, for pete's sake.

The landlord's wife had apparently come upstairs around 11 and waited for our subleaseperson/roommate (Y) to come out of the shower. Remember there are no lights on. So understandably Y got very scared and freaked out and apparently called the police to report this unnecessary harassment. But the wifeperson was wailing and crying--she literally sounded like a five year old.

We all had to wait around while the police (who this time were a little more reasonable and neutral and not assholes) talked to the landlords for awhile. During this time, the police somehow convinced the landlord to turn the lights back on! We were all shocked and relieved but very cautious. We figured that ten minutes later, the power would be off again.

So I got to shower with the lights on for the first time in eleven days! It was kind of weird, actually; it felt a bit obscene since I could see my whole self and not just shadows and candlelight. I also got to turn on my computer! The internet has not worked at home for a couple days (but the connection is fine), which REALLY sucks. But at least we have power!

I didn't go to bed til about 12.30, and I was so exhausted and freaked out by the whole thing, that I called in to school. I decided that I really needed rest and time to begin packing.

In the afternoon, I saw three more apartments. One was in a brand-new place with two friendly Irish guys, but one of them was a smoker. That's kind of a deal-breaker for me. The next one was really nice, in an apartment building near my college and decent street parking, and over $100 less than what I'm paying now. The roommate is a young Indian girl who likes quiet and clean. The last one I saw was an ok, furnished room, a little further from the college, but the other person there was an older white hippie lady--she asked for my sign to check compatability!--and the price was the same as now. All of them are available immediately/the 15th.

So after not much thinking at all, I decided that I wanted to move into the second one.

I called her this morning to say that I wanted to take it, and move in on the 15th instead of over the weekend.

I have a new place to go! And it has just about everything I want or need! There's no closet in the bedroom; it's off the living room. But I'll get a dresser and just deal with it. Nothing too bad for sure. But the utilities are included, there's wireless already, and a bigger TV than I had here. The previous roommate wants to get rid of her bed and desk, so I will call her to work that out. Very nice living room, decent kitchen and bath, and it's on the top floor of a secure building.

What a relief.

I'd still like to do the Friday happy hour, but obviously it will depend on how Thursday goes.

This morning, I continued working on packing. On Saturday, I packed my trunk. So the things I packed up today will probably fill up my back and front seats, and there is still more. I will be calling on my good friends at school with cars to come help me out after school.

I can't wait until Friday.

My friend asked me a few days ago if I was counting down the days. At first I thought she meant til the power back on, then I thought she must mean until school is out, but she actually meant the Christmas trip. I had FORGOTTEN about it. Can you believe it?!

But now I'm remembering a lot and getting ready for the whole vacation mode. And I can't wait for that either!

Nine more school days...


NYC Educator said...

Good luck with your new place.

I'll never forget one day in my last apartment, staying home from school and having my landlord simply open the door, walk into my apartment, then enter my bedroom, where I was sitting at the computer. He mumbled some inane excuse and I never trusted hom again. Particularly with all the weapons, drugs, and hundreds of thousands of dollars I tend to leave lying around.

Hopefully, you'll rent from someone less insane next time.

nobodyknows said...


Ms. M said...

That must be such a relief. Now you can have a fabulous vacation in Europe. I am sooo jealous.

hedgetoad said...

Ikea has some very nice closet type cabinets so that you can install your own!

Tep said...

Wow, I can see why you would want a drink on Friday after all of that.

If you need some "manpower" on Thursday for anything heavy let me know. Sorry, I know that sounds sexist --I'm just trying to help :)