Tuesday, December 13, 2005

More Miracles!

I got four boxes (smallish ones for books and all the random shit I have laying around) from school. More packing!

We still have power in our apartment! Two whole days in a row! It's still a lovely, pleasant, luxurious surprise. Getting dark? Just flip the switch! It's magic, I tell you! I love being in at least the twentieth century again, not to mention the twenty-first. As I type, a baked potato is nuking in the microwave, soon to be topped with cool butter-replacement-product. Then I will shred some pepperjack, sprinkle it on chips, and melt them into nacho heaven.

Tonight I will be paying the exiting roommate in the new place so I can have her furniture. And some colleagues told me about great thrift stores for furniture and clothes, that means I can pick up more shelves!

I got a voicemail that my AmeriCorps award is ready! I just have to pick it up!!!!
This means that I have NO FINANCIAL WOES. I can pay for my new place, I can pay my mom back for the Christmas air ticket and hotel, and I can pay off my Prague trip well in advance, AND I can put some into my RothIRA. The DOE backpay will be for savings and for fun on my trip. And probably some gifts for my family and friends. Now I will have no excuse.

Then, I turned on the computer--my faithful desktop, whose full keyboard I am so loving--and the internet works again.

Yay, world! Thank you, universe! At long last, the positive stuff is coming around again, and I am seeing the light; I'm nearing the end of the tunnel. Lord, am I grateful.

I am PUMPED for Happy Hour margaritas and some serious toasts. Whee!


Nancy said...

yay! I may not be going out of town this weekend after all, so I might just join you there in Queens!

nobodyknows said...

Woot x 2!

Rebecca said...

wow, i've gotten behind in reading your blog... anyway, this post made me laugh because it reminded me of last christmas, when we lost power for about a week due to an ice storm. when it finally came back on, i ran up to my bedroom and flipped the switch, and the light came on! it was amazing! lol. i definitely know the feeling.