Thursday, December 22, 2005


This week is really fucking long. At least tomorrow's the last day.

Mom got in fine on Wednesday morning, and I was able to pick her up at the airport because of the delayed opening. Last night we went out to eat in my old neighborhood. It was a chain restaurant but everything was very yummy, so we didn't mind the 'inauthenticity'.

Today was a super non-day because a morning-long assembly plus the late start. So to the two periods I had classes, they read a little and then I read them the Grimms' Cinderella. They were very good: they listened raptly but also took notes in their Venn diagrams, as instructed. (Me to the students: Now, just in case anyone comes in and says, hey, why are you having fun instead of working? we say, We ARE working hard on l!stening comprehens!on and note-taking!) They responded quickly to the gore in the story and had some great observations and analyses to make about the tale compared to the Disneyfied version.

The evening was a ridiculous disaster. We had tickets to the Radio City Christmas Spectacular. And I had an email final to take. We figured I'd just do the final as quickly as possible and then go into the city. However, with the strike and lack of available cars, driving was the best option. Even still, okay.

Then, Mom called and left a panicked message: our tickets were for the 5.00 show, not the 7 or 7.30 show. Oh, crap. I got home at 3, emailed another late assignment, changed and we got in the car at 3.30. It took the entire hour and a half to get to Rockefeller Center. CRAZY and STUPID traffic.

The show was fine. The bits without the actual Rockettes were kind of silly and dumb--but that's why it's a "family" (meaning kid) show. The Rockettes were cool. I was quickly reminded that live dancing in unison is one of my favorite things. The ending was a huge living Nativity, complete with real camels and sheep. But all the Jesus love was so not up my alley (or my mom's either). Anyway.

The drive home also took an hour and a half. I had had no dinner, I was very tired, and also worried about this stupid final. It was like the universe had conspired to make this the worst, longest day.

Right when I got home, I got to work on the final. Emailed it an hour later with a short apology/explanation note at the top. Who knows what will happen.

Mom's nano iPod finally got the right songs updated.

Tomorrow is Friday and I have to be up all early again. Boo!

However, the kids are excited to meet the Special Mystery Guest. And after school a few of us teachers are going out for food and drinks. That will be an enjoyable way to kick off the vacation.

Holy shit, we have a week off!

I am so glad!

And so, so tired. Goodnight. Happy Friday.

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