Sunday, December 11, 2005

Argh, decisions!

Last night I saw another apartment, it's a small studio in a building in my same neighborhood. It's within my price range, and it's available this weekend, but it's small and I'd be locked in for at least a year. I'm thinking that if I took the basement, it would be big and hopefully temporary; this is a terrible time to look for places. In the next couple months I bet there'll be a lot more options.

I already saw one place this morning (gorgeous and huge but just a little too expensive) and will see at least two places this afternoon.

But here's my list for the studio (S) vs basement studio (B):

both available next weekend
both broker fees
both meh bathrooms
both crappy street parking
B: close to local train
S: fairly near express train

B: impermanent ok
S: one or two year lease

B: huge bedroom and big living room area
S: one bedroom

B: one closet
S: four closets

B: dingy maroon carpet
S: hardwood floors

B: low ceilings!
S: regular ceilings

B: furnished (bed and desk)
S: empty

B: rent is $50 higher but includes all utilities
S: rent is $50 lower but does not include gas or electricity

See my argh-ness?!

I am visiting two shares this afternoon: wish me luck!! I'll keep updating

1 comment:

your math teacher said...

What neighborhoods are you looking at? I don't think you should settle for either, there are always better apartments that spring up at the last moment.

As for the basement, it gets mighty cold down there in the winter!!!